Vision & Values


Our vision is key to what we do at Wilden. Devised by our whole school community; it embodies all that we want for our children. This vision is the starting point for our whole curriculum design. You will see our school vision both on the walls and in the heart of our school wherever you go.



Our Christian values of honesty, love, passion, stewardship, empathy and perseverance are woven into everything we do at Wilden.


  • Builds trust
  • Shows respect for ‘doing the right thing’


  • Creates friendship/supportive relationships
  • Reduces the gap between people
  • Respect for each other is built
  • Caring for one another


  • Tackle tasks with enthusiasm
  • Maintain curiosity and a sense of wonder


  • For ourselves and our environment
  • To look after each other
  • To serve others


  • Socially aware
  • Self-aware
  • Tuned in to the emotional state of other’s and one’s self
  • Leads to happiness


  • To show ‘grit’ and determination
  • I can’t do it...yet!

Hope, Aspiration & Courageous Advocacy

A key part of our Vision is “I can do all things through him who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13. These words inspire us to develop the values of perseverance, love, passion, stewardship, empathy, honesty and compassion through our school community. We instill in children from the moment that they start at Wilden that they should set their aspirations high and have confidence in their own abilities.

Through this well established vision children develop resilience and cope well when things are difficult and persevere to overcome barriers to their own learning. Challenge is seen as a positive!

Through our value of Stewardship children at Wilden have curriculum opportunities to look beyond themselves, ask ‘big questions’ and think globally about life and develop an understanding of disadvantage, deprivation and the exploitation of the natural world.

As a school community we believe it is important to connect to ethical and charitable activities. We look to support and understand a range of causes to allow children to engage in social action and to understand how they can challenge injustice.

Brief History of our School

Wilden All Saints CE Primary School has some very special traditions that are remembered by children and staff for many years. The School and Church have a fascinating history which the children love to learn about.

The school was originally built in 1882 by Alfred Baldwin, the father of three-times former Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin.

If you would like to learn more about our school history, please click here.