Progress & Monitoring

At Wilden All Saints CE Primary School, we are continually developing ways of assessing our children to secure progress. We track the progress of all children and each half term a Pupil Progress Meeting is held when, if progress is not evident, provision is altered to ensure acceleration is achieved.

Each curriculum area has assessment procedures incorporated into the programmes of study. Teachers take a ‘formative’ approach to assessment. This means that learning is continually reviewed and assessed during lessons, enabling teachers to adapt to meet the children’s needs. These assessments are closely tracked by the Senior Leadership Team to ensure progress is appropriate.

All children in Year 2 and Year 6 take National Tests in English and Maths. The levels attained by children both in the statutory tests and in teacher assessment are reported to parents at the end of the summer term along with other relevant information concerning the overall performance of children.

Parent-teacher meetings are held at various times throughout the year to ensure parents are fully informed of their child's progress.