A Broad & Balanced Curriculum

Our whole school curriculum offers our pupils the chance to grow and develop into successful young people. Underpinned by the values of honesty, love, passion, stewardship, empathy and perseverance, our experienced staff deliver a breadth and depth of learning opportunities to ensure your child learns the skills to become a successful young adult in our ever changing world.

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We’re In It Together…

Our school has an ‘in it together’ attitude to learning. We believe in letting parents and carers know what and how we are learning. We encourage dialogue through workshops, parents’ meetings, learning diaries such as Reading Record books and invitations to special celebrations and services. We also believe that homework plays an important part both in preparing your child for learning or reinforcing your child’s learning in school. Our staff are careful to ensure the amount of homework is suitable for their age.

Special Educational Needs

All Special Education Needs children are given the opportunity to participate fully in the life of the school. We aim for all pupils to access the broad curriculum with activities and educational offsite visits differentiated to support children with all levels of ability, including those with sensory or physical difficulties. This will always be done through liaison and consultation with parents, carers and pupils, and with the appropriate specialist agency.

Outdoor Learning

We are strongly committed to using the outdoor environment to enhance children’s learning experiences. We have a dedicated Forest School area as well as a Nature Area including a pond. Children undertake a variety of learning experiences outdoors throughout their time at Wilden from mathematics, to art, to science. We feel that learning in the outdoors really benefits our children in terms of their health and emotional well-being as well as their academic learning.

The Early Years…

We believe that every child deserves the best possible start in life and the support that enables them to fulfil their potential. Our Nursery and Reception, provides a high quality and well balanced curriculum where children have opportunities to learn though planned and purposeful play as well as to experience a wide variety of adult-led and child initiated activities. We build on children’s existing knowledge and experience by providing opportunities for progression, extension and challenge.
We believe that every child is unique and constantly learning and can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured. We encourage children to learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships.
Our learning environments, both inside and outside, are enabling environments in which creativity, curiosity, independence, critical thinking and imagination are inspired.

Our Forest School is a place where children can freely discover, create, build and imagine; a place where they are given a sense of being part of their world rather than just onlooker.

Children learn and develop in different ways and at different rates. Our provision covers the care of all children, including those with special educational needs and disabilities. Early Years staff are passionate about making sure that every child’s early experiences of school are happy, active, exciting, fun and secure, and support individual development, care and learning needs.

Phonics and Scheme

At Wilden we plan phonics based on the Super Sonic Phonic Friends, which meets the core criteria for phonics teaching set out by the DfE. Within our Early Years team, teachers work together to provide children with a hands-on, immersive experience into learning phonics. Termly work provides opportunities to develop systematic teaching sessions to ensure all children are applying their knowledge as well links to other areas of the curriculum. Teachers in Reception and Year 1 follow yearly, medium term and weekly plans to ensure phonics is taught in a systematic way to allow children to make progress. The phonics planning gives opportunity for sounds to be revised, new sounds to be taught, children to read and write words and apply their learning through a game or activity. In Year 2 we cover phase 6 of the program and look at different spelling patterns.

Key Stages 1 and 2…

As the children progress throughout school, they encounter a full range of National Curriculum subjects as well as many other enriching experiences. When appropriate, subjects are taught discretely but often they are combined within larger, explorative topics so that children can gain a clearer understanding of the bigger picture. The following subject statements have been written by our passionate subject leaders and aim to offer you an insight into Wilden.

Our Curriculum

The National Curriculum

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