Attendance & Punctuality

Success is built on good habits, excellent attendance and punctuality is an integral part of a positive and successful education. These basics habits form the foundation of a successful day.

School starts at 8:40 AM and pupils must arrive by 8:50 AM to ensure they are not late for their classes.

Without regular attendance, levels of attainment suffer and opportunities are missed to obtain maximum benefit from education. Persistent absence and lateness will affect a child's achievement and progress in school. Severn Academies Educational Trust believe that regular attendance is vital. All schools within our Trust use the Application for Leave of Absence Form, each request will be reviewed using the information provided and a decision will be sent to you in writing.

Reasons for absence

Statutory Guidance

This document outlines the national policy for children attending school. We have also outlined some more accessible guidance for parents below.


Acceptable Reasons

*Evidence of appointments in school hours will be requested.

Unacceptable Reasons

  • Holidays during term time are not permitted
  • Looking after brothers and sisters
  • Shopping

Impact of absence from school

If the student’s attendance is 80% at the end of the academic year they will have missed the equivalent of 8 weeks of schooling and 200 hours of lessons!

Stages of attendance

If you fall into the red category, there is the possibility that you may be referred to the local authority. This can result in a court hearing and a possible fine, community order or custodial sentence.