Strong Positive Relationships

Compassionate Approach

Compassion is a key driver for all of our community and is linked to all school values. Wilden school community feels the need to support each other and reach out to those in need. Staff model this behaviour to children and this in turn influences their behaviour and attitudes. 


Reconciliation is a key part of our behaviour policy.  When things go wrong, we talk it through and find a way forward together. As a whole school community we know that none of us ever get everything right. We will always encourage children to talk through problems or disagreements that they have had and use empathy to repair and build relationships.

The Wilden Family

It’s a phrase that we often use at Wilden, because it describes exactly how we feel. Whether you are a child, member of staff, parent, Governor, member of the Church or the local community; we aim to make you feel part of our ‘Family’. Once involved in our school people tend to feel a connection which is never lost. Ex pupils and staff will come back and visit us for many years and have the most wonderful memories of the school and traditions which exist to this day.