Child Focused Curriculum

Learning Environments

At Wilden, we believe that the environment that we work, play and learn together in is very important. We want children to be thoroughly absorbed, inspired and engaged in their learning environment both indoors and outdoors.

Classrooms and corridors are well thought out to contain a mixture of celebrations of children’s work and tools such as learning walls to assist with their learning. We find the children are incredibly proud of their learning environment and following our school value of ‘Stewardship’ look after and value those things around them.

We all love to take our learning outside the classroom and therefore our outdoor learning environments are equally important to us. In 2017, we received a prestigious Learning Outside the Classroom Gold Award, which reflects exemplary practice in delivering an outdoor learning curriculum. You can read more about our outdoor curriculum here.

Quality Text Based Approach

Our curriculum has been specifically designed with reading at its heart. Each topic is driven by a carefully chosen, high-quality text which is the key to our broad and exciting curriculum. By enabling our texts to underpin and work hand in hand with our wide range of learning opportunities, we ensure that all children can access our curriculum and become the best learners they can be.

At Wilden, reading is the key to our understanding and by nurturing avid and interested readers we believe we create inquisitive and enthusiastic learners- for life. A love of books and reading is harboured by all staff and this passion is passed on to the children of Wilden from the day they arrive until the day they leave.



A shared understanding of Safeguarding is the Golden Thread that runs through all that we do at Wilden. This is an understanding by staff, children, parents and all stakeholders that keeping our children safe is key. Good communication and a shared trust between all stakeholders helps to make this second nature to us at Wilden.

Our PSHE/RSE scheme SCARF helps children to understand the meaning of keeping themselves safe; an understanding of their rights as a child and what they can do to keep safe whether in school, at home or online.

Read more about Safeguarding at Wilden on our dedicated page here.